Meet Whittle!

Whittles are a species of tree spirits appearing in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They appear in numerous galaxies as helpful characters with often simple yet incorrect grammar. Their name is taken from the word "whittle", which means to carve something out of wood. Whittles appear in several galaxies, notably the Tall Trunk Galaxy.  Whittles are small, humanoid figures with geometric heads and bodies made entirely out of wood, with the exception of a single leaf on their heads. They are a very proud and brave race. Due to this, they like to prove their bravery by sliding down the big slide in their
galaxy and surviving its trials. When someone proves their worth the Whittles reward him or her with a symbol of courage. They also consider the giant tree at the center of the Tall Trunk Galaxy sacred.

*Whittle  Girl and Whittle Dog design by Kuribo Arts (C) 2016

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